Under the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties 和 Public Authorities) Regulations 2017, all public authorities in Engl和 with 250 or more employees are required to report their 性别工资差距 data annually.

的 Gender Pay Gap data provides the difference between the 平均 earnings of men 和 women across an organisation, 以占男性收入的百分比表示. 的 use of Gender Pay Gap data can help to identify the extent to which men 和 women undertake different types of roles, 在组织的不同层级, 这也会造成薪酬差异. It is different to Equal Pay data which considers rates of pay for the same level of work.

以下提供的数据涉及 澳门官方游戏官网2017年性别薪酬差距报告 的快照日期 2017年3月31日.


A graph showing the 性别工资差距 at the 澳门官方游戏官网


在澳门官方游戏官网 澳门官方游戏官网65%的员工是女性, 和 this level of representation exists throughout the organisation, 从最低等级到最高等级.

It is encouraging to see from our quartile data (the split of employees into four groups by hourly rate, 以显示每组男女的平衡) 在所有四分之一的地区,女性占员工总数的63%以上.

This data is indicative of the University’s inclusive approach in all areas of work 和 the value it places on female employees at all levels.

二十多年来, women have made up more than 50% of the University’s Executive leadership, 这是一种由前任校长首先提出的哲学, Dorma Urwin, 现任副校长也是其中之一, 大卫·格林教授, 在过去的15年里是谁领导这个机构, 保持承诺.



 的意思是 is calculated by adding all employees’ hourly rates of pay together 和 dividing by the total number of employees. 这个平均数包括最低和最高的工资率.

的 平均 hourly rate paid to women at the University, when looking at hourly rates across all pay b和s, is 3.16% 比男性的小时工资低,这是 的意思是 性别工资差距. This is amongst the lowest for universities, 和 well below the 全国平均性别工资差距为17.4% (英国国家统计局2017年工作时间和收入年度调查).

与其他机构类似, the University employs a higher proportion of women in lower graded roles, 例如, 澳门官方游戏官网的清洁工团队, 其中85%为女性,15%为男性. Having a high percentage of females in roles where there are large numbers of staff contributes to the pay gap shown in our data.



中位数 这个方法是用来计算平均工资的吗, 通过找到所有员工每小时工资的中点. 因此, half of the employees will earn a rate above the midpoint 和 half will earn a rate below the midpoint.

的 中位数 性别工资差距 at the University is 11%, which is lower than the national figure of 18.4%(2017年英国国家统计局工时和收入年度调查).


大学设有教职员奖励计划. This provides an opportunity for staff to apply for an incremental pay increase or a one off payment in recognition of outst和ing work which has contributed towards the University’s strategic aims. Applications are assessed on a fair 和 equal basis, by an independent panel.

的 data relating to bonus pay for the Gender Pay Gap analysis reflects one off bonus payments made through our reward schemes 和 relates to the 12 months reference period to 2017年3月31日.

的 total spend on these bonus payments is small when compared with the University’s total spend on salaries 和 the number of staff involved is comparatively small; 6% 男性员工在2017年获得了奖金 5% 的女性员工获得了奖金.

In 2017, women received a higher 平均 bonus payment than men, 和 the 的意思是 性别奖金差距是 -11%.

的 中位数 性别奖金差距为37%, this represents a difference of 平均 amounts received in bonus payments of £300 for women compared to £475 for men.


澳门官方游戏官网 we are committed to inclusion 和 the promotion of gender equality.  Our 性别工资差距 data demonstrates that we have good foundations in place 和 that women are well represented at all levels within our organisation.

前进, we will continue to keep our HR policies 和 processes under regular review to ensure we are making steps towards removing any existing 性别工资差距 和 ensuring that there is a balanced representation of different genders within the workforce 和 across all roles.

We will continue to monitor the employment ‘lifecycle’ of our staff;  from initial recruitment ensuring that we have fair 和 consistent selection processes; having career development opportunities open for all job roles; clear 和 consistent promotion 和 salary processes; fair 和 flexible working practices.